Client Machine
10-Week Training Program


Over the course of ten weeks, you will participate in 20 group training sessions, accessible from anywhere in the world, adding rocket fuel to your client acquisition and transforming your business.

This isn’t just an educational experience; my team and I will hold your hand while you build your Client Machine during the program, with full support.

Each week, there will be one hour-long training session to teach the material and one Q&A session for implementation. If for some reason you can’t make the live session, we will record it and you will also have access to the recording.

In fact, even if you participated in the live session, you may want to go back and watch previous sessions as a refresher. You’ll have access to all previous sessions and also have access to all the worksheets we use in the training as well.

You will also get access to the Facebook group which we will be introducing in the near future. The Facebook group will serve as a continuing education, giving you access to all the latest strategies and best practices.

Training Overview


Dominate a Niche

We choose one niche (at a time) to focus on and dominate so client acquisition happens faster and faster with each acquisition.


Differentiating and Positioning

You’ll learn how to differentiate from all competitors and position your company as the best option for your target market.

Outreach Strategy

You will master all 8 components of strategic outreach and methodically design your campaigns to target high value decision-makers.

Campaign Creation

This module you will learn the latest B2B copywriting strategiesto create your campaigns using the science of influence and the psychology of persuasion.

Outbound Automation

You’ll be introduced to low cost automation tools that you can use to do the outreach for you,so your time can be spent converting leads into high-value clients.

Getting the Meeting

You’ll know exactly what to say and how to handle every type of response to get the hardest to reach decision-makers to put time on their calendar.

Designing Your Sales Process

You will design a sales process that is so potent, it will change the game for your business. The process will be unique to your business and scalable so that it’s used across the organization.


Closing Deals

In this module you will take that sales process you designed and put it in action to ensure that you are closing deals!

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Will this work in my industry?

The Client Machine methodology and training programs works in all B2B companies. Although there are many applications that can be used in B2C (like generating referral partners, our sales process, etc), this training is designed perfectly for B2B.

What size businesses is this training suited for?

The training is designed to cater to all size companies in the B2B space. Whether you are a one-person startup or a large enterprise organization with thousands of salespeople, the training will show you how to implement the methodology to custom fit your business.

Who is this NOT for?

This program is not for those who are not invested in growing their business. Success in business requires time, money, and effort. If you are not willing to commit to your success, then this wouldn’t be the right program for you. There’s no hard feelings when I say that, nor any judgement, there are plenty of other options for those who would just like more information. This training is for those who want to build a Client Machine and massively transform their business.

Should I do the group 10-Week Training or the 1:1 Hands-On Consulting?

If you haven’t done the 10-Week training before then this is exactly what you should do. The Hands-On Consulting Program is significantly more expensive just because of the demand on our time. You will get everything you need from the lower cost 10-Week Training.

How is the Client Machine training different from other programs?

We have put together the most comprehensive training on the subject, covering everything you need to build your own Client Machine. This training is specifically designed for B2B companies, it will allow you to create a custom process that works best for your business, and it’s proven!Our methodology has transformed many companies, landing the largest accounts they’ve had.

What days and times are the training sessions/calls?

There are two weekly training sessions. Tuesdays 2pm EST is the Training Sessions and Fridays 2pm EST is the Q&A/Implementation Calls.

I’ve read Client Machine, is there additional material covered in the training program that is not covered in the book?

Absolutely! There is new material constantly added. Plus, everything you have read in the book will be explained in greater detail with specific steps to implement. You will also be able to ask George questions in the Implementation Calls (Fridays).

How much time will be required each week to complete the training?

Roughly between 2-3 hours each week. Training calls are one hour, the Implementation Calls are 30-60 minutes, and Action Items will take you 30-60 minutes each week.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the 10-Week Training is $7,400

Can I break up the payments?

Yes! You can choose (3) monthly payments of $2,500

Are you ready to get started?