Who knows how to build a Client Machine better than the ones that created it? Allow Business Growth Expert and International Bestselling Author, George Athan, to lead a team to build a Client Machine in your organization.

How It Works:

Step 1- Fill out the application below: This will allow us to get a good understanding of your current business and your goal for the future. We will do an initial review of your application to determine if it looks like it’s a fit on paper. If it doesn’t look like it’s a fit then we will immediately notify you via email with an explanation and direct you to resources that may be more appropriate to help you.

Step 2- Schedule a call: Use the link below to schedule a call so we can discuss your business in more detail.

Step 3- Determine If It Is a Fit: Together on the call we will go deeper into your current challenges, your ideal outcome, and exactly what we will do to get you there. We have a very good process to determine if it would be a great partnership and by the end of that call we will both be able to decide if we should move forward or not.

Step 4- Map Out Scope of Work and Formalize Project: If we decide to move forward together then we will put everything we discussed in writing and execute the agreement.

Step 5- Kickoff: This is where the magic starts and we immediately hit the ground running to accelerate growth!