George Athan

George Athan is a business growth expert, keynote speaker, and best- selling author of Client Machine: The B2B System for Generating Clients.

He has been mentioned in various media dozens of times, appearing in magazines, podcasts, and blogposts, as the go to expert in business growth. Athan teaches CEOs and Executives how to rapidly increase revenueby implementing structured sales processes and growth systems. Using his methodology, organizations rapidly grow by systematically acquiring new B2B clients, simply by repeatedly following the process. He also teaches his clients how to transform their organizations by targeting Monster Clients. These are the often sought after, viewed as almost impossible to get, large accounts that can multiply revenues by landing them.

His keynotes, seminars, and workshops help companies become bigger, stronger, faster. His cutting-edge research into strategy, marketing, and sales, makes him the go to expert in the topic of business growth and your secret weapon in the competitive world of business.